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January Push56

This is our #1 recommendation for launching your new year with serious momentum. Space is very limited so check out the info and get your spot!

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Can you handle the Gauntlet Challenge?

  • Two weeks unlimited classes
  • Complete our Gauntlet Challenge class checklist and you get a FREE Gauntlet Survivor t-shirt.
  • Cost $100
  • You can start anytime in December or January.
  • Email to register and get your Gauntlet Class checklist sheet.

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New to NGPT?

We are excited to introduce you to your new Gym Family.

We recommend that you use the three steps below to get started.

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Meltdown Bootcamp 

This is the program that most of our transformation success stories are launched with (over 35,000 LBS worth!). This program includes group fitness classes, our Meltdown Diet, and daily accountability coaching.

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Group Fitness

We've got a TON of variety for you with our 100% unique classes that you won't find anywhere else with options like Cycle60, The Fitness Tornado, and Ring of Fire. New to group fitness? No problem! We have options for all levels. 

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Personal Training

Are you ready to do some fine tuning with your transformation? Or maybe you just need a little extra help with getting started? Our PT program is going to be different than any other personal training experience that you've ever had and you can...EXPECT RESULTS!

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Platinum Membership

Ready to go all out with UNLIMITED group fitness classes and get the best prices on EVERYTHING we offer? Go Platinum!.....You won't regret it!

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B-Town Fit Kids Bootcamp

Our goal is to help 1st-6th graders turn off the iPad, get off the couch, and get moving. We will coach them in the fundamentals of strength, agility, flexibility, balance, and conditioning. Most importantly.....we are going to teach your kids that fitness is FUN!

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"I got my life back. You’ll hear it over and over again but it’s the people. This is my family. I’ve made so many wonderful, lifelong friends and have had so many opportunities because of the people that come here. You will find no other place like it. NGPT can’t be duplicated. No one looked at me funny when I walked into my first class at over 300lbs. Instead they cheered me on, and they still do to this day. "

Mandee F.
120lb club member

"I have developed friendships with so many other members that have been a true blessing, I love them all! NGPT is by far the most positive experience I have had in my life in many years and I can’t express how truly grateful I am that I have this group supporting me! If anyone out there thinks they can’t make a change in their health and physical condition, look at my transformation, IT CAN BE DONE!"

Sheila H.
70lb club member

"I lost nearly 60 pounds but gained so much more. I gained a great group of new friends and an awesome sense of community. I keep coming back because I love the way the program has worked for me. I also love seeing others succeed and am inspired by their successes everyday. "

Brad J.
60 lb club member