"It's economical since I tend to take quite a few classes each week. I enjoy the platinum member benefits, especially the workshops - they help to keep me motivated. I also like to be among the first to hear of upcoming events"

Pat L
Platinum Member

"What I like most about being a Platinum member is the flexibility to book classes in advance and the accountability in regard to getting me in the gym. Nobody wants to pay a late or missed class fee, and we all want to get our money's worth! Along with this built-in accountability, comes results."

Sherry L
Platinum Member

"The Platinum Membership allows me to take as many classes as I want for a fraction of the price!"

Noel N
Platinum Member

"The best part about the Platinum Membership for me is the freedom it allows me to sign up for and try different classes without having to keep a running tally of my available funds. That's a very liberating, empowering, and stress-relieving thing for me. It also motivates me to "get my money's worth" and get to class. "

Tracey J
Platinum Member

"I have never paid for fitness in my life-but I wouldn't trade my platinum membership for anything. It fits my life right now and I feel pushed to work hard. Working out at NGPT means I "never settle"."

Michelle M
Platinum Member

"I get to attend additional exercise and nutrition events to inform my choices...without paying extra! I can also get occasional "deals" on the RX Bars I love so much. "

Patty C.
Platinum Member

The Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership is perfect for clients that are committed to their long term transformation success and want everything at the best possible pricing available.

Your Platinum Membership will include the following special advantages:

  • Unlimited pass for ALL NGPT classes.
  • Special pricing on everything we offer including Bootcamps for just $250 and four week Meltdown packages for $125.
  • First to know about all sales, workshops, and special events.
  • You can attend any of our workshops for FREE.
  • You can attend special Platinum VIP workouts.
  • You get 10% off group personal training packages (for groups of two or more clients).
  • Platinum Referral incentives. You can get your price down to as low as $150.00/month by referring new Platinum members.

Ready to go Platinum? Just email HELP@wemeltyou.com and we will get you all set up!

"The best part for me is that I don't have to choose which class is my favorite, they are all my favorites because I'm unlimited! "

Kim B
Platinum Member

"I have to say my favorite thing about being a Platinum Member is that I can attend any class and as many classes as I want during the month!!! Also, the free quarterly extra specials add to the advantage of being a Platinum member. Best decision I have ever made for my health and wellbeing!!! "

Sheila H
Platinum Member

"What I really love is the convenience--no more booking classes and having to be diverted by buying a Flex Package when I've run out of credit. I book my classes well in advance, knowing that my Platinum Membership will let me plan as far in advance as I can. "

Patty C
Platinum Member

More Platinum Membership Details

Even though you have unlimited classes you will still be charged for late cancels and “no shows”. 

You cannot use existing flex credit or prize credit to purchase the Platinum membership.

You must give 30 days notice to cancel your membership auto renewal
This is an auto renewing contract based membership.

Months 1-3 price is $200/month (you are committed to all three months)
Months 4-6 price is $190/month (you are committed to all three months)
Months 7 and beyond price is $180/month.

The contract will auto renew until the client alerts NGPT to cancel with 30 days notice. 

If a client cancels their auto renewal and wishes to resume their Platinum Membership at a later date they will have to start the pay cycle over again at the current price available.

Ready to go Platinum? Just email HELP@wemeltyou.com and we will get you all set up!

"It has encouraged me to attend additional classes, sometime booking them back to back! With that convenience I have been able to design my own workout schedule with lots of cycling classes, balanced by the weightlifting and abdominal classes which round out my workout. "

Patty C
Platinum Member

"My favorite thing right now is that I can sign up for as many classes as I want, without having to check to see if I have enough money left on my latest Flex package."

Ashley A.
Platinum Member

"Having this access to classes on a regular basis is what I felt like would keep my momentum going and help me most effectively reach my fitness goals. "

Allyson G.
Platinum Member

"The best thing about the Platinum package is the accountability it puts on me. I know if I do not attend a certain amount of classes, the value is not there. As a bit of "gym rat", I also really like being able to take as many classes as I can handle. "

Brad J
Platinum Member

Check out our Platinum Referral Discount Program

If you refer a new Platinum Member your monthly price drops to $180.00/month automatically and your referral gets to start at $180.00/month also.

You will continue to get a $10.00/month discount for each Platinum Referral until your monthly payment reaches $150.00/month.

Your discounts stay active as long as your referrals remain active as Platinum Members.

Ready to go Platinum? Just email HELP@wemeltyou.com and we will get you all set up!